Music Ain’t My Thing

Today I got the opportunity to do some work as a roadie. It was pretty cool to see how a band’s equipment gets set up. The dude in charge of the whole thing, who loved to call me Craig despite his insistence on getting everyone else’s name right, was so meticulous about how the cords were put out. That made taking everything apart that much easier. I love to see people do a little work in the beginning to save them from a disaster at the end.

As far as the musical performance went, it was alright. The 200 plus old people in attendance really seemed to dig it. I never have been that much into music. I like some of this and some of that, but I never feel like I appreciate it the way it’s supposed to be appreciated. There is nothing in music more boring than a guitar solo. It’s like hockey. They’re out there, doing something that’s really difficult, and I couldn’t give less of a shit. But to each his own I guess.

I think I roadie again tomorrow. Thanks for reading,



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