The Job Cycle

There are several phases that people go through when they start a new job. I’ll talk about the first one in this post.

Phase 1: New Job!

The professional honeymoon phase is the easiest for the new employee. The managers don’t expect anything special from their new hires. They have had many failures in the past and all they want is for the new guys to not fuck anything up too badly. One or two minor mistakes a day is easily forgivable. In the restaurant industry, a new employee can end up costing a great deal of money. A new hire who can limit their comps is already getting on managements good side. On account of the lack of trust, the noob gets baby sections with small tables. They’ll be the first ones to go home and will make the least amount of money.

The new employee during this period should be a door mat. Just do whatever anyone asks you to. The more talk about you being helpful floating throughout the restaurant will help you move up the ladder faster. What you’re trying to do during this phase is prove that you’re not a run of the mill employee. You can handle more than the other noobs that are still ringing orders in wrong day in and day out. Help out as much as you can, and offer your help as much as you can. One easy way to appear helpful is to ask often what the closers need. The closers have a lot of influence with the managers. The best part of offering them help is, they won’t need it. They’re the studs who never get in the weeds. You get all the benefit of appearing helpful, without actually doing anything.

This phase can end quickly, if done right. They go from not expecting anything from you, to trusting you with better sections and the money can start rolling in.

What are some things that help you on your first days on the job?



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