Gas Stations

There is one trend in the convenience store world that I do not like. I think the convenience store is a place where everyone is in a hurry. They are on the way in to work or on the way home and it should not be a leisurely errand.

Cashiers at these stores don’t really have a sense of urgency, which I totally get. If the maximum amount of time I had to face my customers was 5 minutes, even if I dragged ass to my weighty ass’s full dragging potential, I wouldn’t be in much of a rush either. I’m not saying that the clerk should be a whirling dervish back there. And if they’re in the back scarfing down a honey bun, I’m not worried about that either. Get your donut on! I’ll be here when you swallow that mouthful of sweetness.

The thing that bothers me is when they put my cash in bank face before giving me my change. I know, I know. It takes them like 10 seconds. But I feel that should be my 10 seconds.

Now I get why they do it at the bank. It’s going to most likely end up in some sort if machine. All the bills need to go in one direction, or the machine breaks and the economy crashes. Take a few seconds, decrinkle the ones that smell of my g-string, and make sure that we don’t end up in another recession.

Now, the convenience store won’t have any sort of money machine. And if they do, their money machine isn’t bringing down any economies. It’s just their own personal little money toy that they can play money games with. The only reason for a convenience store to do their money in bank face is that the teller might give them some lollipops when they do their daily deposits. I understand, lollies are awesome.

What you don’t do, is take my ten seconds away from me to get your lollies! Putting 2,000 dollars in various denominations into bank face can take upwards of 2 minutes. You have time, in your daily work schedule to put the cash into bank face. Don’t make me watch you stay organized. That’s not what I signed up for.

You don’t even have to drop it in the drawer. Just keep it out and as soon as the change is in my hands, go nuts! Put it in bank face, crumple it up and try to make it into the Jerry’s kids jar from across the room, take my 6 bucks and head for a better life in Mexico. I really don’t care, but don’t make me watch you organize it, then hand me my change.

What do customer service people do that annoy you?



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