Ridiculously Late Movie Review

I don’t get a chance to go to the movies too often. Most of the time I have to wait until they’re on DVD. Thus, here is my ridiculously late review of The Amazing Spider-Man.

I really dug it.

And that concludes my ridiculously late review of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Boom, mislead! There might be some spoilers, nothing too in detail though. I don’t think there are any real plot twists. The story was pretty by the numbers, so I don’t think anyone really could spoil this movie.

I’ll actually go into detail. I liked the first two Sam Raimi movies and the third one had its charms. The first movie was obviously an allegory for puberty. Cracked.com and plenty of others, I’m sure, have gone into great detail about the changes young men go through and how it compares to Parker’s spider bite problems. But there is hardly any mention of Parker being a student in high school during the first movie, and he’s already in college by the second. Now, I wasn’t exactly an early bloomer, but the majority of my puberty was done while still in high school.

This movie actually shows Parker as a teenager. He gets hassled for not going to school whenever he goes somewhere during the day. His aunt waits up for him at night. He gets with his crush, sneaks into her window, pisses off her dad and a whole mess of teenage tropes that I’m blanking on right now. This is a movie about a teenage Spider-Man, and I think that’s how the character should be. Something about a twenty something making those smart alecky quips doesn’t sit right with me. Nothing against Deadpool, I just find youth fits Spider-Man well.

The villain had a weird redemptive moment at the end. Nothing earlier in the movie had set up that there was anything human left in him. It just seemed out of place with where I thought that guy was headed. Everyone else in the movie did a good job. Martin Sheen was a good Ben, Sally Field a fine May. Emma Stone is great in everything.

I’m not sure if the cashier hassling Parker over two cents was altogether believable. And I’m pretty sure it would take everyone in that school three seconds to connect the kid dunking from the three point line to the guy jumping from building to building.

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